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Our Story

Hello All ! 

I'm Deana Straus- Owner and CEO of DENIM2DYE4! Boutique.  After graduating with a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy, I have had a lifetime of experience in social services. I have had a private practice for 13 years and decided that I would like to do something more creative, fashion related and with my daughter-in-law.  

We launched DENIM2DYE4! together in 2023  and began deisgning hand-bleached denim.  We obtained a trademark and service mark.  My daughter-in-law decided late in 2023 that she wanted to focus her attention on other things and I decided to stay the course.  I learned just how much I love fashion. I currently split my time between both careers and am able to keep my orders going out on time.    I am a therapist and a boutique owner.  I definitely have the entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy supporting other small businesses, especially women run small businesses.  

I LOVE denim and finding different ways to style my denim outfits.  Although our business name is DENIM centric, we decided to add fashions to our boutique with a coastal country vibe.  

I personally pick each and every item that you see in our shop.  I believe in choosing only quality items and pay attention to the softness of the fabric, comfort and uniqueness.   When you wear one of our pieces, I want you to feel on trend, comfortable, confident and well put together. I believe that we have something for every woman of every age.  It is my goal to add quality pieces to your wardrobe and put pieces in your closet that will last and stand the test of time. We hope you will shop with us year after year.  I hope that i can help you feel inspired, confident and empowered. 

We frequently participate in pop-ups all over southern California and attend Torrance Street Fair monthly.  We also participate in Fiesta Hermosa, Witch Craft in San Pedro, Hermosa for the Holidays and other collectives.

We also help women host SIP & SHOPs in their own homes.   

The address to our office is 25202 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite 303  Torrance, CA 90505.  We do not currently have a brick and mortar location.  We hope to in the future.  

When I'm not working on the business you can find me doing HITT workouts several days a week, horseback riding, spending time with family, travelling when I can and line dancing . I cherish time with my husband, granddaughter and our fur babies, as well as trying new foods.  I am constantly working on finding balance in my life and keeping it all together, building my  business,  basic self-care and spending time with the people who matter most.  I hope to see you either at a pop-up in person or online.  

ONLINE POPUPS - Facebook Group -  Tea Tuesdays at 6PM PST and "HOT FLASH LIVE SALES" on TIKTOK.